My #1 fan

To my biggest fan , since the moment you were born its always been just you and me. Being a single mother was hard but, we made it. thank you for letting use your shoulder to cry on , your ears for listew and your arms for hugging.  I want you to know you will always be that one person would put a smile on my  face. Through all the ups and down you stood by myside when no one else would. You became my shield , protector and best friend. Im glad god gave me the greatest gift I could ever ask for and that was having you as my daughter.. I love you kiara lee-ann kemakamaekukui’ihapaimaikalima’okeakua kauihana!!!!!!



I truly beieve god has always been by myside through the good times and bad. Never doubting my faith he always seems to come in at the right time. It may not have been right then and there but somehow is comes when I least expected it to be. For example my daughter just started her new school && somehow we were worried our financial wouldnt cover the cost of her afterschool program. The next day the instructor called me and said she was qualified and it will be free as charge. My heart dropped and i said out loud

Yes , God is good ” & on the other end she said ” All the time god is good ”

who am I?

I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls , at the age of 19 I gave birthTo my oldest daughter who is now 8yrs old. Befor I became a mother I was in a rough place in my life. A place I never thought I would be. I was with a man who became a drug addict and cared nothing but himself. I tryed my best to help him but I couldnt. I’ve been a punching bag to man I thought I would spend the rest of ny life with. A man I thought loved me juat as much as I loved him. So WHO AM AM I NOW? I am now in a healthy rerelationship to man who has been nothing but caring to me and my kids. He has been an awesome step-father to my oldest daughter and I couldnt be happier….