who am I?

I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls , at the age of 19 I gave birthTo my oldest daughter who is now 8yrs old. Befor I became a mother I was in a rough place in my life. A place I never thought I would be. I was with a man who became a drug addict and cared nothing but himself. I tryed my best to help him but I couldnt. I’ve been a punching bag to man I thought I would spend the rest of ny life with. A man I thought loved me juat as much as I loved him. So WHO AM AM I NOW? I am now in a healthy rerelationship to man who has been nothing but caring to me and my kids. He has been an awesome step-father to my oldest daughter and I couldnt be happier….


2 thoughts on “who am I?

  1. What a blessing that God sent you this wonderful person.Your decision to leave so you and your girls could have a better life was a courageous step. You’ve found yourself again, now you’re finding your voice. Continue to share your story. There are many women out there who haven’t yet found the courage to leave the abuse behind. Speak to them. Share your stories. They are listening. I’ll be following.


    • Thank you karen , it was hard but I had to it.. boyfriend has been an amazing step father to my olderst daughter hes been in her life since the age of 3. She has never got to meet or know her bio-father and I dont want to because , of what me through but , thank you reading my blog.

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